Responsibilities/Expectations of Huskies Parents/Guardians/Spectators:

Huskies parental support is valued and encouraged. Parents/guardians and spectators must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and act as positive role models for all participants.

The following expectations and responsibilities are required of all parents/guardians of student athletes:

🔵Commit to the Demands of the Sport

🔵It is important for parents/guardians to understand that participation in an athletic program is a significant commitment. This commitment includes adhering to all school and sport policies, arranging transportation for athletes to attend competition/practice, parents volunteering with team fundraisers/tournaments/travel/supervision, and ensuring student athletes fees are paid, information is communicated to coaches/athletics department, ensuring student athletes are abiding by team and athlete expectations.

🔵Act in Accordance with Sportsmanship Conduct and Athletic Contract

🔵Parents/guardians are expected to support and encourage their child’s efforts. All comments from the stands should be supportive of the team’s efforts. No negative comments and criticisms should ever be directed towards student-athletes. In addition, public criticisms directed towards the coaches, the athletic director, and the school administration are absolutely unacceptable. In addition, it is expected that parents/ guardians act as role models for their children by putting wins and losses and playing time in their proper perspective.

🔵Let the Coaches Coach and the Referees Ref.

🔵Parents/guardians should make no attempt to instruct players or the team from the stands. In addition, questioning, criticizing, or berating the coach and/or the referees does not set a good example for the young athletes involved. Please be aware of how you discuss issues with coaching decisions around your student-athlete(s). Respect for our coaches and program is important to our Huskies Culture and Values.

🔵Engage in Respectful Communication. Our athletic director encourages respectful communication of issues. Having an avenue to discuss issues or concerns can resolve conflict in a respectful manner. 

1️⃣Parents/guardians should first encourage student athletes to communicate directly with the coach and athletic director on matters of concern. 

2️⃣If the issue isn't resolved, parents can then communicate directly with the coach and/or athletics director. They must do so at appropriate times, and not immediately before, during, or after a game (24 hour rule). While it is a given that parents/ guardians act as advocates for their own child, it is important for parents/guardians to understand that coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators make decisions that benefit the group, not the individual. Sometimes decisions that benefit the group conflict with individual needs and desires, but such is the reality of being a member of a team. 

3️⃣Under no circumstances should parents/guardians be verbally abusive towards coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators. Parents/guardians must be respectful with their tones of voice, as well as thoughtful with the words they choose to use.



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