About Us

Our School:

Mount Pearl Senior High first opened on December 19th 1986, and is currently under the trusteeship of the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District. Our school remains committed to excellence in English and French literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and the Fine Arts.

Our aim is to allow each individual student to achieve their personal best in a safe, caring and socially just learning environment.

Our School Community:

Mount Pearl Senior High School is a Grade 9 to Level IV secondary school located at 46 Ruth Avenue in the City of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. The school operates on a seven-day cycle with 300 minutes of instruction per day. There are five 60 minute class periods per day. The school curriculum consists of:

*112 different courses / 218 sections

*3 French streams (Early and Late French immersion, and Core French)

*Challenging Needs Program

*Practical, Academic and Advanced Courses in Math, English, Science and Social Studies

*Developmental courses in the Arts, Physical Education, Food Science and Technology

*Advanced Placement Programs in French, Music Theory and Psychology

Our school has an enrolment of 940 students age 13 – 21. The average classroom size is 25 students in grade 9 and 29 students in high school classes. 14 percent of our student population is receiving student services support from our instructional resource teachers and student assistants. Our school serves the citizens of the Town of Paradise and the City of Mount Pearl. Paradise students are bused to school.


Our school offers a provincially prescribed curriculum in grade 9 as well as high school Level I through Level IV. At the high school level, 218 course slots are offered providing students with options for programs in Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, Physical Education, Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Social Studies. Local courses are offered in Earth Science, Fashion and Design and Web Design Technology. We also offer a Late and Early French Immersion program and a core French program. To ensure all levels of student is catered to we also offer Advanced Placement Programs in French, Music Theory and Psychology as well as a Challenging Needs program and an alternate curriculum to students who qualify.