Prom Slideshow Photos

The email to submit photos for the prom slideshow is: Students are asked to submit any favourite high school memory photos, school trips, sports events, musical/drama performances, childhood photos etc.

Coaching Application 2019-2020

Any coaches (new or returning) wanting to apply to coach at MPSH must fill out the attached application. Coaching positions will be decided in the first couple weeks in September. Coaching Application 2019-2020

Bus Delays:

Effective May 1, 2019, there will be bus delays/detours for routes traveling on Clearview Heights and Harcourt Road due to construction and road closures in the area. These detours are expected to be in place until the end of the school year.

Please see attached bus route documents for further details. Bus route documents can also be obtained from the school’s profile page on the District’s website:

PowerSchool Mobile App has Been Updated

Students and parents are advised access to PowerSchool via the mobile app will require you to update your settings due to a change in location of the PowerSchool server. Please see the .pdf document below for guided instructions. PowerSchool Information

Public access to the PowerSchool server can be accessed at the following website: PowerSchool

2019 Prom and Safe Prom Information:

Students, parents and guardians are asked to read the attached pdf overview of information given to parents in an earlier presentation to parents regarding Prom and Safe Graduation expectations for this year.

2019 Prom Information